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Every day for 16 years, we’ve been making stories that entertain, provoke, inform, engage, and sometimes outrage. Telling stories that change the world gets us up in the morning, and keeps us up late into the night.

We make cartoons and graphics for folks like Nickelodeon, the BBC, Michael Moore, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Discovery, and global agencies.

We makes apps and e-books for folks like Sprout, Penguin, Barnes & Noble, and Amplify.

We make things that work in today’s multi-screen cross-platform world, but that keeps their (and our) souls intact.

We’re a laboratory for innovation, building our own toolsets, including our live animation Cartoon Broadcast System, our powerful Interactive Publishing System, and our suite of mobile animation

We’re collaborators by nature.

Are we really aweseome? Who cares? Our work is.

Give us a shout, and let’s get started.


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FlickerLab brings Scribble Tales to Life for Sesame Studios

Today, the first in FlickerLab's animated series, Scribble Tales, launched on Sesame Studio's new YouTube channel, with three more films to follow. Each film was part of a pair of time-lapse illustrated versions of classic fairy tales, each offering a different perspective on the story....
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