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At FlickerLab, we believe in the immutable power of the cartoon. Animation can educate and entertain, and has a unique capacity to make complex ideas easy to understand. We have devoted our careers to changing the world one cartoon at a time. FlickerLab unleashes the full range of animation techniques — including traditional hand-drawn, flash, stop motion, 3-D, and CG effects — to bring your story or message to life in the most effective style. We specialize in developing innovative production pipelines, including our own live animation software, to meet the most challenging demands. We've created and animated hundreds of online and broadcast series, TV commercial spots, documentary segments, explainer videos, broadcast promos and graphics packages, educational videos, and games.

FlickerLab partners with major broadcast networks, non-profit organizations, educational companies, corporations, health care institutions, and governmental agencies, including Disney, the BBC, HBO, MTV, PBS, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Cartoon Network, Colgate, The American Heart Association, A&E,, and the Hub.

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FlickerLab brings Scribble Tales to Life for Sesame Studios

Today, the first in FlickerLab's animated series, Scribble Tales, launched on Sesame Studio's new YouTube channel, with three more films to follow. Each film was part of a pair of time-lapse illustrated versions of classic fairy tales, each offering a different perspective on the story....
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