FlickerLab has been making cartoons literally every day since 1999, for clients like Bleacher Report, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Disney, VH1, Michael Moore, the White House (no, definitely not this one), Sesame, global agencies and brands, film studios, political candidates and causes, and educational companies.

Our digital content has racked up over a billion views and counting, and we’re always looking for partners to come up with the next must see animation.

We love to make cartoons that make folks laugh, and/or, make some effort to slow our fossil fueled hurtling off the cliff towards human extinction. Yes, we make those funny too.

We also make lots of other stuff, including live-action films and spots, film titles, tv show packages, games, apps, and increasingly, VR and mixed-reality experiences. So we’d love to talk to you about those.

But really, we fucking love to make cartoons. Got one you need made?