FlickerLab’s Cartoon Broadcast System:
HD Animation in Any Style, Performed Live

Imagine Producing A Half-Hour Animated Show In Just Half-An-Hour!

It’s possible only with FlickerLab’s revolutionary pro-studio Cartoon Broadcast System. Animate once and leverage the same assets across all of your broadcast, web, e-book, game and app projects for budgets as low as $200 per minute of animation.

How’s That Possible?

Think of the Cartoon Broadcast System as a broadcast-ready digital puppet theater.Elements (backgrounds, characters, effects) are placed into a scene. The character’s lip sync is generated on the fly by live voice talent or pre-recorded voice tracks. Characters are then brought to fully-animated life before your eyes via an easy to use control pad. The system outputs full resolution finished animation ready for broadcast, tape or digital video files. It’s that simple!

FlickerLab’s Cartoon Broadcast System has been used to produce thousands of hours of broadcast animation for leading global networks, including CBBC (Britain), Nickelodeon (Scandinavia), Fox Kids (Israel), HOP Televisão (Portugal), ZDF (Germany) and Teletoons (France).


The system has been used to create a wide array of content including:

  • Cartoons
  • Daily animated talk shows
  • Interactive television experiences
  • Live animated appearances
  • Animated assets for in-game content, virtual worlds and other interactive environments

Case Study: BBC’s The Nelly Nut show

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When Children's BBC was looking for an on-air game, they came to us and ended up with a whole lot more—a fully animated daily kids talk show featuring call-in games and on-air cartoon characters that kids could talk with. FlickerLab brought Nelly to uproarious life in The Nelly Nut Show, producing an original half-hour animated show five days a week for two years, outperforming the rest of the block by 50% in ratings.

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