The Illuminerdi Fans See Favorite Creators at WonderCon 2022

Creator and founder Harold Moss has steered his animation studio FlickerLab towards a new way of creating socially and environmentally thoughtful content through animation. In FlickerLab’s 22-year-long history, the company has worked on key ad campaigns, television shows, educational platforms, and documentaries. Most notable and recent among them includes the three-minute animated segment Brief History of the United States for the Academy Award Winning documentary Bowling for Columbine, the animated intro for the reboot of the beloved Reading Rainbow series, Reading Rainbow Live, and a collaboration on the revamp of the revolutionary learning platform INSIGHTNew INSIGHT. 

At WonderCon Anaheim 2022, Harold joins a roster of multi-talented creators and industry professionals for the panel “Storytelling Across Mediums,” part one of Impact24’s Superblock Panel Series. Harold and others add their insight on the future of storytelling across a diverse range of platforms.

To learn more about Harold Moss and FlickerLab at WonderCon 2022, click here.