Go Purple for GLAAD’s Spirit Day: Our new video on Huff Post

I was thrilled when GLAAD asked me to make a short animation about Spirit Day, when millions of people around the world wear purple to stand up against bullying of LGBT youth. This is an issue that hits very close to home for me.

I had too many of my own experiences with bullying growing up, although they grew more out of the general odd-ballness that creates animators rather than my sexual identity. For a couple of years, I was the kid with a special seat on the bus so I wouldn’t get beat up every day.

That’s why Spirit Day is such a big deal, it makes support for kids visible. Let’s all give a big purple shout out to everybody facing this kind of bullying and say, we got your back. We’re with you.

Check out the animated video I created – and sign the pledge against bullying today!

Bullying creates real despair and desperation. It can take a lot of years to shake it off. And some kids don’t make it that far. Layer on top of that someone trying to figure out their sexuality, and the fact that teachers and family might actually be part of the bullying, and it gets pretty grim.

That’s why standing up to this kind of bullying is so vital for everyone to do, every day.

But it’s also incredibly important that the folks who are getting bullied know they’re not alone in this. That sense of isolation and helplessness can, I think, be the worst part of it.

I hope this short animation we created will get that word out to a few more people, and help Spirit Day make a bit more of a difference.

Now go take the pledge, y’all!

Harold Moss
Creative Director, FlickerLab