Ad Week Meets FlickerLab Founder Harold Moss and NASA Activist

Activist and animator Harold Moss has long been producing content engined with environmental justice and social activism through his animation studio FlickerLabFlickerLab’s animated projects and collaborations cover a wide array of multi-media outlets, from television shows to learning platforms for children, to animated segments in Academy Award Winning documentaries and ad campaigns.

Moss, in a partnership with NASA activist Peter Kalmus, whose recent viral act of civil disobedience – chaining himself to the doors of a Los Angeles JP Morgan Chase Bank – sent a crashing message to Big Oil, created the Climate Ad Project in 2020, which pushes back on Big Oil’s strategic marketing techniques, raising awareness about the environmental crisis and calling activists to action through ad campaigns and educational animated segments. Climate Ad Project, or as Kalmus muses, “the ad agency for the Earth,” continues to produce thought-provoking content as it relates to the environment.

To read more about the duo’s work through Climate Ad Project and their newest endeavors, click here.

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