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Ad Week Meets FlickerLab Founder Harold Moss and NASA Activist, Inspiring Radical Climate Action Through Climate Ad Project

Activist and animator Harold Moss has long been producing content engined with environmental justice and social activism through his animation studio FlickerLab. FlickerLab’s animated projects and collaborations cover a wide array of multi-media outlets, from television shows to learning platforms for children, to animated segments in Academy Award Winning documentaries and ad campaigns. Moss, in a […]

Change Maker and Founder of FlickerLab Harold Moss Speaks at WonderCon Panel

Activist, creator, and founder Harold Moss has marked himself as a leader in sparking social and environmental change. Through his animation studio, FlickerLab, Moss has been behind several evocative projects, including the animated segment Brief History of the United States, which appears in the Academy Award Winning documentary Bowling For Columbine, the opening to Reading Rainbow’s new interactive reboot […]

The Illuminerdi Fans See Favorite Creators at WonderCon 2022, Harold Moss of FlickerLab as Panelist

Creator and founder Harold Moss has steered his animation studio FlickerLab towards a new way of creating socially and environmentally thoughtful content through animation. In FlickerLab’s 22-year-long history, the company has worked on key ad campaigns, television shows, educational platforms, and documentaries. Most notable and recent among them includes the three-minute animated segment Brief History of the […]

Le Noir Auteur Intrigued by WonderCon 2022 Panel “Storytelling Across Mediums” With Panelist Harold Moss

Activist and founder of the animation studio FlickerLab Harold Moss has made a practice of storytelling with a purpose. With animated projects like Brief History of the United States , a three-minute segment featured in Michael Moore’s Academy Award Winning documentary film Bowling for Columbine, FlickerLab’s collaboration with several learning shows and platforms including New INSIGHT,  and Reading Rainbow […]

Horror Buzz Welcomes WonderCon Anaheim 2022 Panelist Harold Moss, Founder of FlickerLab

Horror Buzz is happy to welcome creator and change-maker Harold Moss to WonderCon Anaheim 2022. Harold Moss is the founder of FlickerLab, an animation studio that  specializes in creating socially and environmentally conscious content across a wide spectrum of media. FlickerLab is known for its partnership with Michael Moore on his Academy Award Winning film Bowling For Columbine, for […]

Digital Journal – FlickerLab Founder Harold Moss Collaborates on Learning Platform New INSIGHTS

Harold Moss is the brain behind the animation studio FlickerLab, which creates content for learning platforms, tv shows, ad campaigns, and documentaries that remain socially and environmentally conscious. FlickerLab’s past work includes the animated segment Brief History of the United States for Michael Moore’s Academy Award Winning film Bowling For Columbine, as well as the opening for […]

postPerspective Interviews FlickerLab Founder Harold Moss

postPerspective Magazine speaks with Harold Moss,  founder of FlickerLab, an animation studio dedicated to creating educational and informational content with a strong regard for environmental advocacy and social change.  FlickerLab is behind the three-minute animated segment Brief History of the United States, which appears in Michael Moore’s Academy Award Winning film Bowling for Columbine, and is also […]

ProductionHUB Interviews animation studio FlickerLab’s Harold Moss

ProductionHub interviewed Harold Moss, the founder of animation studio FlickerLab and Co-Founder of Climate Ad Project. In the exclusive interview, Harold discusses recent (and past) work with his animation studio FlickerLab, technical challenges, and his approach to collaboration, including in the landmark animated Brief History of the United States he created for Michael Moore’s Bowling […]

Animation Xpress: FlickerLab Creates New Reading Rainbow Live Intro

In March 2022, the beloved Reading Rainbow series reboot was launched. Reading Rainbow Live remains true to Reading Rainbow’s mission to enhance learning for all and make reading as fun and successful as possible — Reading Rainbow Live is elevated for the next generation. Along with the updated show and format is a new animated […]

Wrapping our Sixth Super Bowl Animating Gridiron Heights

Break out the chips and dip, get comfy on that tailgate, and make sure the brews are ice cold, because we’re wrapping up our 6th season of animation on #GridironHeights for our very good friends at Bleacher Report, and that means another Super Bowl extravaganza is online! Six years of cranking out a 1 (or […]

Gridiron Heights Season 4 is here! (And yeah, we animated that.)

FlickerLab is super pumped to be entering into our fourth season animating Gridiron Heights for our amazing friends at Bleacher Report. Ah, Andrew Luck, we’ll miss your smile in Gridiron Heights (but for reals, glad you’re taking care of yourself). How did four years go by so fast, we ask ourselves. Then we rewatch an […]

FlickerLab brings Scribble Tales to Life for Sesame Studios

Today, the first in FlickerLab’s animated series, Scribble Tales, launched on Sesame Studio’s new YouTube channel, with three more films to follow. Each film was part of a pair of time-lapse illustrated versions of classic fairy tales, each offering a different perspective on the story. We hear from the three little pigs, but also the […]

FlickerLab takes a Zero Waste Journey with GrowNYC

FlickerLab teamed up with GrowNYC, New York City’s official sustainability resource, to create this delightful animated story about Rusty, the little boy made out of waste, and his zero waste journey. Shown in classrooms and assemblies across the city, the animation is part of GrowNYC’s program of teaching kids about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling as […]

FlickerLab Animates Hamilton’s America for Radical Media

Radical Media and director Alex Horwitz tapped FlickerLab to create all the animation and graphics for their PBS documentary on the smash hit musical and the life of Alexander Hamilton. FlickerLab drew from a huge volume of historical artwork and documentation to fill in the film’s narrative, recreating the world Hamilton grew up and grew […]

FlickerLab a Launch Partner for new Viacom Lab

We are thrilled to be named as entrepeneurs in residence at Viacom's new Lab for innovation and cross-platform storytelling. It has been a great experience so far with an amazing team at the Lab. We've been getting a great reception so far for our animated messaging platform, Animgram, and all our live animation tools. The […]

#StopHR158: Same day politics

FlickerLab had less than 24 hours to create this video for our good friends at the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, explaining why the restrictions being proposed for the Visa Waiver Program in the #‎HR158 bill are, in the words of the #‎ACLU, “wrong,” and “un-American.”

In Paris with C40

FlickerLab was thrilled to have our pixels in Paris for the historic climate summit in December of 2015. We worked with Joan Stern Productions to create this animated opening for the C40 Cities Awards, The awards, granted in 10 categories, provide global recognition for cities that are demonstrating climate action leadership.