postPerspective Interviews FlickerLab Founder Harold Moss

postPerspective Magazine speaks with Harold Moss,  founder of FlickerLab, an animation studio dedicated to creating educational and informational content with a strong regard for environmental advocacy and social change.  FlickerLab is behind the three-minute animated segment Brief History of the United States, which appears in Michael Moore’s Academy Award Winning film Bowling for Columbine, and is also finishing its sixth season of Gridiron Heights for Bleacher Report.

Recently, FlickerLab created the animated open for Reading Rainbow Live, an interactive reboot of the original children’s educational show Reading Rainbow. In the open, Harold honors the show’s nostalgia while simultaneously ushering in the new generation of young learners by showing them the limitless, interactive world they have access too, all while spreading one simple message: read, read, read.

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