FlickerLab Founder Harold Moss Speaks at WonderCon Panel

Activist, creator, and founder Harold Moss has marked himself as a leader in sparking social and environmental change. Through his animation studio, FlickerLab, Moss has been behind several evocative projects, including the animated segment Brief History of the United States, which appears in the Academy Award Winning documentary Bowling For Columbine, the opening to Reading Rainbow’s new interactive reboot Reading Rainbow Live, and a revamp of INSIGHT, a learning platform for students, parents, and teachers called New INSIGHT. Moss is also one of the creators behind Climate Ad Project, an ad agency that advocates for environmental justice and calls for radical activism through its animated spots and educational segments. 

As a creator versed in so many mediums, Harold Moss speaks to fans at WonderCon Anaheim 2022 on the “Storytelling Across Mediums” panel, part of Impact24’s Superblock Panel Series. To watch the full discussion, click here.