Gridiron Heights Season 6 Finale

Client: Bleacher Report

Hard to believe, but we’ve just wrapped our sixth season of animating Gridiron Heights for Bleacher Report with this hilarious episode. Talk about timely—we get a script on Thursday for a one (or two!) minute episode, which is posted the following Tuesday. Kudos to the incredible team at Bleacher Report for consistently coming up with amazing content every week, and for our incredible team for getting it animated every week. Now the only question is–what do we do until the next season!

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Tags: Animation

A Brief History of the USA from Bowling for Columbine

Client: Michael Moore

Described as, “Worth the price of admission” by Variety Magazine, a joyously funny cartoon sequence? by The Hollywood Reporter, and by Oprah as her favorite part of the film when she aired it on her show, FlickerLab’s animated segment in Michael Moore’s Academy Award winning film, Bowling for Columbine, was the first Flash animation appearing in a theatrically released feature film.

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Clothesline – For Bank of America/Major League Baseball

Client: Hill Holliday/Bank of America/Major League Baseball

We created a series of animated spots for Bank of America and Major League Baseball promoting a series of custom t-shirts created for every team.

Shout out to American Beatbox, and beat boxers Kaila Mullady and Mark Martin, who provided the awesome soundtrack.

Tags: Animation

Gridiron Heights

Client: Bleacher Report

FlickerLab is entering it’s fourth season animating the weekly NFL series, Gridiron Heights, for Bleacher Report. Tune in every Tuesday @gridironheights on Instagram!

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Kobe Bryant Rotoscoped

Client: Bleacher Report

We had fun rotoscoping these iconic Kobe Bryant plays for our good friends at Bleacher Report.

Tags: Animation

Tek Jansen: Season 2 Episode 3

Client: Tek Jansen Episode 3

FlickerLab was thrilled to team up with the inimitable Stephen Colbert to create several episodes of Stephen Colbert’s, Stephen Colbert Presents: The Further Adventures of Tek Jansen. We recently upgraded our third episode into lovely HD. Enjoy!

Tags: Animation

Moneygami for Porter Novelli and the IRS

Client: Porter Novelli, IRS

What if you had some money waiting for you at the IRS?

FlickerLab worked with agency Porter Novelli to bring this stop-motion world, built entirely of paper, coins and dollar bills, to life for the IRS. The hero of the spot, a dollar bill, swoops into action illustrating in each scene potential ways that families who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit can use the money given back to them.

Tags: Animation, Stop Motion

Repower America: Hot and Cold

Client: Z Tribeca, Repower America

FlickerLab created this 30 second animated spot for Al Gore’s Repower America initiative.

Tags: Motion Graphics, Animation

A Brief History of Online Payment

Client: Klarna

A short animated film we made explaining the history of online payments for Klarna, one of Europe’s largest online payment providers.

Tags: Animation

Love and Hip Hop

Client: VH1 / Eastern Productions

FlickerLab created this minute-long animated sequence of Love and Hip Hop’s Tommie Lee, to bring to life one crazy moment from her life that actually wasn’t on camera for this Love and Hip Hop special.

Tags: Animation