Branded/Digital Content

Helping brands make content actually worth watching

We love telling stories that make folks laugh. That make them ponder. Most of all, that make people want to keep watching and share.

we find the balance between brand needs and entertainment

Our animations are seen by millions every week of football season on Bleacher Report with Gridiron Heights (and lots of weeks between for other sports). Hilariously communicated five centuries of history in 2.5 minutes in Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine.” They helped Planned Parenthood clear up the science on Plan B. Brought a sci-fi dream to life for Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen. Teach kids in over 30,000 classrooms (and millions more on YouTube) How the Body Works. We’ve explained, tickled, provoked, befuddled, and bemused. We’ve made political cartoons so funny, our opponents literally stole them from us.

We know well how to find the balance between brand needs and making something people, you know, actually want to watch.

Our digital content has been viewed over two billion times and counting.

Let us get your new amazing content made and seen.

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