Production for Agencies

Storytelling Across Platforms, and Across the World

We’ve partnered with some of the largest agencies in the world to bring stories to life for brands including Colgate, Pepsi, CVS Health, United Airlines, Anheuser-Busch, Major League Baseball, the American Heart Association, AMC, Elizabeth Arden, Ford Motors, Tylenol, The White House, and more.

We’ve built animated and live action campaigns; branded content series; 360 campaigns including broadcast, online video, animated banners, print, radio and outdoor; and we’ve built compelling in-person experiences. But whatever the platforms, techniques and technologies, our approach remains the same, bring a brands story to life in ways that truly engage their audience.

We’ve built a flexible model that allows us to work with brands large and small, on everything from national ad campaigns to targeted digital outreach. We can scale up a large scale live action productions, quickly, and handle the entire process, from script writing to casting and production to effects and post to air and online.

Bringing brand stories to life for 25 years

But we can also organize small and nimble teams, or work miracles with existing assets to get high-end looking work produced on a lower budget. We can bring the resources to bear to knock out any kind of animation, for spots, explainers, long form storytelling,  or short social content.

But we also know that agencies need more than great work. When working with big brands, there are a lot of parties at the table, with lots of opinions and needs. We know how to organize productions so that everyone has what they need to feel confident in the outcome, and so that we can turn on a dime to adjust to the twists and turns that so often show up.

We look forward to bringing our creative and production chops to work on your brand’s stories. We’ve worked many thousands of hours to gain them and have decades of getting things successfully done and delivered, even when the unexpected flips the table in the air.

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