Production for Agencies

That deadline I missed…

Harold Moss, founder of FlickerLab here, to share the story of how I missed a deadline. It was 1995, one of the first projects I had taken on as a freelance art director/animator after leaving the agency where I started my career. The hardware at the time just couldn’t keep pace with the ambition of what I had created. And, as much as it still pains me to write, it just didn’t get done in time to be useful.

not hitting the deadline is not an option

The good news is, that was the last deadline I missed. Have I missed nights of sleep? Countless. Have I had to throw money and extra talent at a project because of some unexpected technical failure or other train wreck? Absolutely. Render farms, new hardware, vats of coffee, new production and creative approaches invented midstream — the rescues when production tways out of the problems that can hit a production are limitless. The most important is planning how to avoid them in the first place. But things will go wrong, and they have. But we still have never missed a deadline, whether the project was animated, live action, or some ungainly mix of practical effects, puppets, stop motion, animation, live action, special effects, green screen, and assorted dark mystic arts (there have been some). For major films or TV shows, national ad campaigns, or digital channels. We get the project delivered, and aim to exceed expectations in the process.

Because, when you’re working with the biggest consumer and entertainment brands in the world, not hitting the deadline is not an option. The media buy has already been made, the content already scheduled to air.

So, please, come work with us at FlickerLab because of our great creative and production chops. We’ve worked many thousands of hours to gain them. For our amazing team and track record. But also know we have decades of getting things done and delivered, even when the unexpected flips the table in the air. And when it’s your reputation, and job, on the line, that’s exactly what you need.

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