FlickerLab’s You Can Draw the Way You Feel” Available on iTunes!”

FlickerLab has released its first original iBook, Nancy Burson’s You Can Draw the Way You Feel, under its new fine arts imprint, Moss Collective. In 1975, Burson invited a few hundred students from schools across New York City to sit down and draw not themselves, not their pets or parents or friends, but their innermost feelings.  The result was a beautiful array of abstract drawings from kids who were feeling all sorts of things. Thirty-eight years later, the project has found its perfect platform as an e-book. It features interactive text read by the author and culminates in a simple but beautiful drawing app that allows the readers to immediately draw their own feelings.

You Can Draw the Way You Feel is currently available for free in the iTunes store. We are asking our friends to check it out, rate it, review it, let us know what you think, and then go draw your feelings!